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Blood cells

responsible for clotting:

they stop haemorrhages


Platelet Rich Plasma

Self-repairing product

its platelet concentration

is 3 to 5 times higher

than the regular one


The normal platelet count

varies from

150.000 to 300.000

per blood ml

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    Milano, 18 febbraio 2012           Workshop "Diagnosi e terapia tricologica dall’esperienza di casi clinici"

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    Milano, 4 febbraio 2012              Workshop teorico-pratico dei fattori crescita e colture cellulari in dermatologia estetica: nuovi orizzonti terapeutici 

  • International Hair Research Foundation (IHRF) - First International Congress on state-of-the-art PRP and growth factors in dermatology



It is one of the fields where platelet growth factors have the clearest rationale: many studies proved that in NON-CICATRICIAL alopecia types (alopecia areata, androgenic alopecia) a significant quantity of residual stem cells remains in the skin, not able, however, to stimulate bulb growth.

Consequently, the stimulation by platelet GFs can lead to a significant hair regrowth. Stimulation of hair bulbs is determined by the regular tissue repair process. Results have proved to be comforting in more than a thousand treated cases.

According to the life cycle of the treated bulb (hair, eyebrows) the treatment interval varies.

As for hair transplantation, we always perform a PRGF treatment during surgery, and another one two months apart.

The purpose of using PRGF in hair transplantation is to stimulate a better and faster engraftment of the bulbs and the growth of possible new bulbs, and to favour a rapid healing process halving wound and recipient site healing time.



  • Androgenic alopecia: 2 treatments, three months apart, and in case a third treatment according to the clinical response after approximately 4 months.

  • Alopecia areata: 3 consecutive treatments three months apart from each other for the hair, one month apart from each other for the eyebrows.



Chronic AA, multiple patches, non respondent to therapies

15 patients treated with PRP only one patch / then all patches

15 patients treated with Triamcinolone, intralesional i.

15 patients not treated

3 external dermatologists evaluators

Period: January – October 2010


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